About us


premier centre Vignon
Tuition in 2012

The business called  LE CERVEAU was created in 2015 after more than twenty-eight years of work done by a man for the benefit of communities living in Glazoué, a town in Benin, in the HILLS department. This man, Théodore Assongba VIGNON, director and founder of the business, arrived in Glazoué in 1986 for a five-year training course in Mechanics. As he was already used to, he started English and French home tuition early on to help local children in elementary and high school who had difficulties in these subjects. A very large number of schoolchildren and students registered and attended these home tuition sessions. Most of them quickly distinguished themselves as the best students in English and French from local schools. Some students’ parents, teachers and American volunteer friends from the Benin Peace Corps, encouraged and supported the initiative in different ways.

Elèves du centre en 2014
Centre VIGNON in 2014

For many years, some very generous parents offered rooms where students would gather to attend tuition sessions. Since then, the idea of creating a bilingual center in Glazoué to impact more learners has sprung up.

Thus, a large local was rented for this purpose and as it was necessary to give a denomination, this first center was called CENTRE VIGNON.

In the course of the years, the need to give more visibility, scope in terms of fields of intervention and go to an official recognition has become necessary. To solve it, the center was officially registered under the number  ABY/15A1396 IFU:1201501717908 and under a new and final name, LE CERVEAU, with various fields of intervention, all aimed at education and communication.


The business, LE CERVEAU, has five (o5) objectives which are :

  1. To promote the speaking and writing of English but also French in the municipality of Glazoué and Benin;
  2. Offer to any individual, associations, parteners and volunteers wishing to learn English and/or French, a legal and competent training place.
  3. Contribute to solving the difficulties of bilingual communication to facilitate work relations at service and in business.
  4. Promote the construction and equipment of reading and research centers in the Collines department in general and in Glazoué commune, in particular.
  5. Support orphans, and children in difficult situation, by allowing them to free tuition sessions in English-French and benefit from all other forms of advantages that can help them succeed in their lives.


Despite our efforts, we are convinced that the work is not yet perfect and that much remains to be done. That is why we are launching a strong appeal to all the good will to support us technically and materially for the development of the business and especially the satisfaction of the populations who continue to benefit from its services whose importance needn’t to be demonstrated.


We wholeheartedly and sincerely thank all the parents, the African friends and the American Peace Corps volunteers who supported us in achieving our vision.

We especially thank people belowe mentioned :

  • Pascal GNANHO, Director  NGO-CRADIB
  • Blaise G. SOMASSE, University professor in the USA
  • John CAMARA, Volunteer / Peace Corps
  • Kristine VINUP , Volunteer / Peace Corps
  • Gillian WEISNTEIN, Volunteer / Peace Corps
  • Dorothy SHEA, American
  • John SHORB, Volunteer / Peace Corps
  • Melaney MONREAL, Volunteer / Peace Corps
  • Ethan ANTICEVICH, Volunteer / Peace Corps
  • Jonathan KENDALL, Volunteer / Peace Corps
  • Maximin AHODEGNON, Retired Director
  • Jacques EGLO, Web Developer
  • Benoîte F. TOTON, High fashion seamstress